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Neon Gods

Hello Darkness my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again…. I often find in the late night hours of SL I get inspired. Perhaps its the quiet emptiness of sims, the darkness that wraps around you, or the silent reflections of the day that has passed. Either way I find myself striking poses I normally may not. Seeking out the darkness within, … Read More Neon Gods

Finding your Niche

In SecondLife it is sometimes hard to find your place. There’s hundred of sims, different genres and thousands of people. We teleport from place to place, meeting new people, trying different things. We stumble through the gird hoping to find a home. We tell our stories and intertwine with others. And create new worlds.

Coming Soon

Beastly Things will be in this round of the Medieval Fantasy fair, and being I am one of their models. I’m giving you darlings a glimpse of their offering in a few weeks..

Style Trends Group Gift

Style Trends has a new group gift out! A super cute romper boots and bag Here’s your taxi¬†  

Desert Reign

So I love 25L Tuesdays. especially On a Lark. Usually, and i mean like 9 times out of 10 she puts her latest release out. and gives my greedy hands a chance to grab one or two before the price goes up. Have I mentioned I also love her stuff. And I’m not playing lip service. always good quality designs at decent prices. And … Read More Desert Reign

The Journey Begins At the Begining

So I’ve Blogged on and off of Second Life for nearly 10 years. The tides of RL often sweep us away and ebb us back into this digital world so many call home. And I have to say.. SL is just getting more and more beautiful.. The creators ever more challenging themselves and producing simply gorgeous works.. And I, feel it’s my duty to … Read More The Journey Begins At the Begining